In a world flooded with music, seemingly on tap, Sunday Butterflies presents a breath of fresh air. Sunday Butterflies is a multimedia project run by Faye and David Kowalski, specialising in voiceovers, radio and audio production work for small church organisations, and also creates music to dance and worship the Lord to. Both Faye and David are multi-instrumentalists and songwriters who have a passion for music, bringing years of experience in writing and recording together into a neat little package. 


Sunday Butterflies is a project that sprung out of the 2020 pandemic. When most churches were forced to run their services online, Faye and David were engaged to create recordings of their church’s worship team and videos for live streaming. It was here that Faye stepped up as videographer and Dave as musician and sound engineer, to bring a high level of professional sheen to the proceedings.  


During this time Faye decided she wanted to use their creative skills  to bring a new flavour into the world of Christian music; to write songs that stood out among the crowded throng. Collaboratively with David “Your Love Will Follow Me” was born. Produced by David and all the instruments played by him (with keys and backing vocals by Diana Kemp and backing vocals by Faye) it was a bold statement and a strong start for the young outfit. The second single “I Surrender” was co-written with Diana Kemp as well, and features the now trademark Sunday Butterflies layered guitar sound. Third single “Hiding Place” has a 70s soul influence and the latest single “I Will Not Be Shaken” takes on modern pop with a youthful vibe. 


Variety is the spice of life and Sunday Butterflies are developing a multi-faceted sound with strong songs that permeate the soul and take the listener deeper in their spiritual walk.